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Industries & Partners

Middle-Market Companies ($50M-$500M+ in Revenue)

Professional Services Firms 

          1. Law Firms

          2. Accounting Firms

          3. Turnaround Management Firms

          4. Private Equity Firms

          5. Business Process & Profitability Consulting Firms

Reseller & Referral Partners

Telergy's solutions that are of great benefit to our clients can be of equal value to your clients. If your firm helps businesses improve their business processes, reduce costs or increase profitability, then you should consider partnering with Telergy. By adding Telergy's solutions to your existing portfolio of services, you will create a "stickier" relationship with your clients. In addition, you will create new and exciting revenue streams (including recurring revenue) to boost your firm's top and bottom lines, while having a partner in Telergy that you can trust to take care of your clients with a high level of professionalism, accountability and client service. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about Telergy's Reseller and Referral Programs.

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