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Focus on Middle Market Companies & Real Estate Owners

Telergy specializes in consulting with middle-market companies, an underserved market in the cost reduction and optimization industry. Our founder and Chief Optimization Officer, Mark Friedman, is both a licensed corporate and real estate attorney, registered CPA and former corporate executive. Consequently, we pride ourselves on knowing how your business operates and where we can bring value to your firm. As Mr. Friedman has reviewed IT contracts, worked in the telecom management industry and been a real estate attorney for over 30 years, we know where to look to uncover considerable IT, telecom and energy cost (and time) savings for your firm. Our experience in serving this market helps projects go smoother and quicker than our competitors who serve all company sizes and industry types.​​​

Best-in-Class Solutions

Since we know your time is valuable, Telergy has spent considerable time and energy to choose best-in-class business partners who: (i) are recognized in the industry as having cutting-edge cost optimization, technology lifecycle management and energy efficiency solutions; (ii) offer outsourced managed services (in addition to SaaS) to better manage these costs; (iii) provide excellent client support; and (iv) have prior experience working with middle-market companies and real estate owners on a nationwide basis. Since our business partners value, appreciate and support Telergy's mission, we are able to offer very competitive rates to our clients with a high level of client service.

"One-Stop Shop"

We understand that the procurement process can be daunting, burdensome and time-intensive. That's why Telergy has built out a complete suite of industry-leading cost optimization and management solutions. Because of our efforts, you can avoid the time and expense of shopping and negotiating with multiple vendors and, instead, take comfort in knowing that Telergy has top-quality solutions at very competitive rates. All a client needs to do is contract with Telergy to have all of our solutions available to them. We will consult with you to make sure that you are choosing the "right" solutions for your firm based on your stated goals and objectives.

Why Telergy?

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