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Telergizer Telecom & Technology Audit 

Controlling communications and technology costs has become increasingly difficult in the face of complex technologies, vendor support problems, and a lack of internal tools and experienced resources. Telecom invoices continue to contain carrier billing errors, charges for unnecessary or disconnected services, and misapplied taxes. Other costly problems include sub-optimal pricing plans, services continuing to bill for closed locations or disconnected lines, the inability to effectively track assets and services, the inability to control employee expenses due to lack of corporate policies, and a general lack of transparency. If you are not sure whether you are overspending on telecom and technology, or don't have a clear picture of your telecom and technology assets, our Telergizer Telecom & Technology Audit is the right choice for you.


Our Telergizer Telecom & Technology Audit concentrates on:

  • Developing an accurate inventory of your telecom and technology assets

  • Benchmarking rates for your telecom, technology and energy contracts

  • Identifying billing errors and obtaining vendor refunds,

  • Find excess or unnecessary ordered services based on actual historical consumption

  • Recommending ongoing savings by eliminating unnecessary fees and services and optimizing ongoing rates

Typically, within 90 days from project kickoff, Telergy's experienced team evaluates your voice, wireless and data communications, technology and energy (electric and gas) expenditures, provides recommendations specific to your situation and requirements, and implements approved recommendations to ensure rapid realization of savings. We typically save our clients 15% or more of the audited expenses, and the resulting savings can be used to fund your backlogged projects or to improve your firm's overall profitability. 

Since Telergy’s fees are paid from the savings generated from our approved recommendations, you don’t need to budget for our audit.

Telergizer Energy Audit 

As part of Telergy's energy audit services, we will conduct an initial review of your electricity and gas bills and determine which client offices are located in deregulated States. In deregulated States, businesses can contract with alternative energy suppliers of their choosing without affecting the quality of their electrical or gas service. However, most companies stay with the incumbent supplier (usually the utility provider) simply out of convenience which can prove costly. By using our unique energy optimization platform, we will identify alternative energy suppliers who offer fixed-rate supply contracts for annual and multi-year terms. By switching to an alternative energy supplier, you can reduce your supply rates, stabilize your future energy costs, and gain better predictability of these costs for budgeting purposes. Our Telergizer Energy Audit is free to our clients since commissions are paid to Telergy by the alternative suppliers.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to be empowered by our Telergizer Audits!

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