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Technology Expense Management
Software & Services



Telergy offer a fully-outsourced and turn-key model for Technology Expense Management (TEM). Our engagements include all of the usual benefits of implementing TEM software:


  • Invoice receipt, bill loading and processing

  • Invoice validation (rates and inventory)

  • Invoice G/L allocations

  • Inventory management

  • Contract management

  • Electronic payment authorizations

  • Procurement portal

  • Wireless plan optimization

  • Integration with Accounting Software applications

  • Bill Payment services


But here's how Telergy differ from our competition - we know how middle-market companies operate so we know where possible savings can be found. On top of that, we own the dispute process completely, we optimize your contracts, we place orders for all carrier services, we verify contract compliance, and we assure that ordered services are installed/activated on time and as requested. We will also help you negotiate your technology contracts upon  contract renewal, when changing vendors, or when ordering additional services from your existing vendors so that, in all cases, you will be assured that your firm is getting the best rates and contract terms available from these vendors based on your specific needs. Telergy actively manages your inventory and audits every invoice every month so you don't have to worry about being overcharged by your carriers.

As part of Telergy's TEM services, you will receive the following reports:


  • Detailed reports, covering spend, savings, budgeting, contract compliance, usage and more

  • Service inventory reports, covering all telecom-related services, software, cloud-services and contracts

  • Interactions reports, covering MACD activities and repair activities

  • Equipment reports, including telephony, WAN mobile and related technology devices

  • A monthly scorecard report with SLA's, transparently displaying all elements of our work product 

Telergy's TEM software will provide you with a single, centralized portal to easily access all of your technology inventory, contracts (including expiration dates), invoices, orders and trouble tickets. Through automation, you will save significant man-hours validating, processing, approving and paying invoices and allocating these costs to different offices or departments within your firm. You will be able to reduce, or eliminate, late payment fees and avoid being charged higher rates when your technology contracts unknowingly expire or auto-renew. Our TEM software and services will keep your technology providers honest and provide you with the comfort of knowing that your inventory is accurate and up-to-date, your technology contracts contain favorable rates and will not unknowing expire, and your invoices are free of billing errors. Contact us today if you would like to reduce your technology costs and increase your employee productivity by implementing an outsourced TEM software solution for your firm.

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