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Telecom, Mobility & Technology
Management Services



Telecom Management Services


Telergy offers outsourced telecommunication infrastructure support services. We act as our clients’ internal voice support help desk, providing support for anything from password resets to carrier circuit troubleshooting to PBX MACD activities, to moves, new system implementations, consolidations, decommissioning and other Level 1 and Level 2 support desk activities, customized to fit your needs. These services include:

  • Voice Support Help Desk for fixed and mobile services

  • PBX Administration, covering Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Mitel, Alcatel, Shoretel and many others

  • Carrier-ordering services – from POTS to PRI’s, data circuits and mobile devices 

  • WAN and other technology platform rollouts (e.g., TDM, VoIP systems and Contact Center technologies)

  • Contact Center Technology Support

  • Managed Mobility Services, including Help Desk and MDM deployment and management

Wireless Help Desk & Mobility Management Services


Telergy offer the following wireless help desk and mobility management services:

  • Wireless Support Desk

    • Wireless Support Help Desk, Level 1 Support and Vendor Management

    • Coverage issues, plan support, device support, application support & MDM Support

  • Mobile Procurement

    • Cell Phone, Mifi and Smartphone Ordering, Upgrades & Repairs

    • Porting, Device Swaps, major Upgrades & MDM roll-outs

    • Multi-language capable, 24/7 access

  • Mobile Device Trade-In​

    • Cell Phones, Tablets and Pads​

    • Certified destruction of data

    • Turn decommissioned devices into revenue for the firm 

Bill Payment Services


The payment process of an Accounts Payable department can be difficult, time-consuming and manual. Telergy’s bill payment solution allows firms to outsource its invoice payment functions (including check writing) to Telegy’s team, allowing your firm’s internal accounts payable staff to focus on more valuable and strategic functions. Through our platform, you will not only have complete transparency as to how and when payments are being made to your vendors but also the ability to transfer our payment data into your firm’s accounting system and your bank’s ACH system.

Our bill pay solution is perfectly designed to manage a significant variety of invoices, including:

  • Utility invoices

  • Telecommunications invoices

  • Software and hardware invoices

  • Offices supply invoices

  • Lease invoices

  • Shipping payments (and much more)


Telergy’s bill pay solution is more flexible than other Payment Service providers as we pay vendors via the most efficient and secure method acceptable to your vendor, including payment card, ACH, wire, eCheck and paper check. Depending upon the capabilities of the vendor, we negotiate, on a per-vendor basis, the most favorable payment terms for you, including early payment discounts and deferred payment periods. By being able to issue just one single payment to us to cover a multitude of vendors, your firm will experience significant time savings, eliminate late fees and have the ability to earn revenue from payment card transactions.

Technology Contract Review Services

For firms procuring new technology equipment or services or renewing existing technology contracts, we can perform a business review of these contracts and, if desired, negotiate these contracts with the vendors. When conducting this review, our objective is to optimize rates, assure quality vendor service, mitigate risk and minimize liability. Since Telergy's experienced team has a keen understanding of technology contracts and how they may adversely affect your business, we raise business issues that are often ignored by attorneys. The following are key business terms we focus on during our review:

  • Benchmarking rates

  • User consumption

  • Available discounts

  • Payment terms, including late fees and interest

  • Contract term, including renewals

  • Dispute management

  • Indemnification and limitation of liability

  • Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

While we leave your firm's attorney to handle the legal issues, Telergy will work side-by-side with your attorney (and in conjunction with your sourcing and procurement teams) to not only add industry-specific knowledge and process expertise but also to ensure that the business issues identified during our review are adequately addressed during negotiations.

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