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 Intelligent Cost Optimization & Management Solutions
for Middle-Market Companies & Commercial Real Estate Owners

Telergy's mission is to offer industry-leading cost optimization and technology management solutions to middle-market companies and commercial property owners that reduce and control IT, telecommunications and energy costs, and efficiently manage invoices, inventory and contracts. The end result is that our clients experience increased cash flow, reduced labor costs, budget predictability, boosted profitability and improved property value.

Our Services

Our Services

         ASSESS - AUTOMATE - MANAGE         

Audit Services

Telergy analyzes your firm's technology, telecom and energy invoices and contracts to find past billing errors and future cost savings opportunities, and then implements the approved savings recommendations with your vendors and carriers. Whatever our findings, you will receive a full inventory of your firm's telecom assets.

Technology Expense and Inventory Management
Software & Services

Telergy offers software solutions and services that will help your firm fully automate the invoice receipt, validation and payment processes, procure wireline and wireless assets from carriers, and maintain a centralized database containing a complete and  accurate inventory of your firm's telecom and technology vendors, assets and contracts.

Telecom, Mobility & Technology Management Services 

Telergy serves as your firm's outsourced trusted advisor to provide ongoing management of your technology and telecom contract and assets (including mobile devices) to make sure your plans, rates and contracts are always optimized based on your firm's ever-changing needs, thereby improving your IT and Accounting staff productivity and overall firm profitability. 

Energy Efficiency Solutions & Services

Telergy provides a variety of energy efficiency solutions, ranging from building energy studies to energy procurement, for both existing and new construction projects as well as ESG consulting services that sustainably grow our clients' net operating income, achieve their ESG goals and increase the market values of their properties.


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Please contact us to find out how your firm can take advantage of Telergy's cost optimization and technology management solutions

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